LDM 41/42 A

时间:2013-01-01 09:28

LDM 41/42 A Theory of Operation

The LDM 41/42 A Laser Distance Measurement Sensor is designed for mobile and stationary distance

measurement in a industrial environment。 The LDM 41/42 A works based on comparative phase

measurement. To achieve this, it emits visible laser beams in different frequencies. The target being

measured returns diffusely reflected light that is subsequently compared with a reference signal。

Finally, a microprocessor uses the recorded phase shift to calculate a required distance with mm


The sensor LDM 41 A distinguishes itself through a high precision as well as a big independence of

the surface of the measured object. The LDM 42 A is design for fast measurement on a white target.

The red, well visible laser beam allows a simple alignment。

LDM 41/42 A Applications

Supervision of crane and conveyors

Distance and position measurement


Supervision of security-relevant parts

Supervision of walking beam systems / stroke length measurement / position of lifts

Position control

Diameter measurement of coils and rolls

LDM 41/42 A Characteristics

millimetre precise measurement at various surfaces (LDM 42 A only for white surface)

long range reflector-less distance measurement, with additional reflectors on the object over 100m

with additional reflectors mounted onto target

high availability under in the high temperature area with high precision

big supply voltage range 10 V until 30 V DC

optional heating (24 W at 24 V operating voltage, option /h)

low risk use because of laser class 2

simple alignment with a visible laser class

bi-directional data-interface, switching and analogue output

simple setup for parameter with a PC or laptop

measured values are displayed in meters, decimetre, centimetre, feet, inch... and different

resolutions due to free scaling

stable and simple to installing housing with protection IP 65

various accessories; device versions with field bus connection

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